Mexican musician that has settled recently in Berlin after more than a decade in Madrid. He is a Berklee College of Music (Boston) graduate, with a master’s degree in jazz from the University of New Orleans. His residence has changed many times and has given him the opportunity to meet, collaborate and learn from excellent artists.


His development and vocation has taken him to build his own universe, where the rich legacy legacy of jazz coexists, with the energy of other music such as: classical, pop-rock and world folklore.The sound of his music will take us away from jazz at some spots, leading naturally to unexpected places.


The debut album “Origenes” (2013) brings the band to open the Jazz Cycle “Por lo tanto Jazz” in Mexico City’s “Palacio de Bellas Artes”.

The second album “Cosmogram” (Origin Records 2015) makes the list “Best of 2016 Jazz Albums” according to Downbeat Magazine.


He has performed with his project in venues and festivals such as: Festival Internacional Cervantino (Mexico), Circulo de Bellas Artes de Madrid, Festival del Centro Historico (Mexico), Teatro de la Ciudad (Mexico), HKW Berlin, Festival de Jazz de Madrid, Festival Internacional de la Guitarra de Guatemala, Jazz Fermin (Spain), Jazz en el Centro (Gijon), Fundacion Olivar de Castillejo (Spain), B Flat, Kunstfabrik Schlot, Panda Theatre, Bogui Jazz Club, Jimmy Glass Club, Zinco Jazz Club, Snug Harbor among many others…


Jazz Discography:



Naualli 2018 - Hugo Fernandez Quintet



Cosmogram 2015 - Hugo Fernandez Quartet



Origenes 2012 - Hugo Fernandez Quartet



Amerikanda 2012 - Celia Mur y Hugo Fernandez



Solitude 2011 - Cordelia